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Serenity, meditation, Second Chance dog Rescue, Pet adoption, Pet portraits, Meditation, YogaSerenity with dogSerene with petey my foster dog!

hotography in the San Diego area.I fell in love with photography in high school but up until college it was merely a fun hobby. At SFSU I took photojournalism classes so I could capture the stories of peoples lives. Photojournalism helped me hone in on my talent for capturing candid moments. Over the years I have developed my eye for the unique and beautiful but my technical skills have added more depth and creativity to my images.

     My motto for my life that expresses itself in my art is "To Thine Own Self Be True" .I strive to bring out the essence of peoples spirits and capture it in a stunning image. I am very attentive in photographing the uniqueness and personalities in each individual. My style is constantly evolving as I have more life experiences and knowledge but the constant theme throughout my photos is the organic emotion that expresses itself through light, shadows and movement.

    My passion for life and the art I get to create shines through my photo shoots. I believe the photo experience should be a pleasurable and joyful experience for my clients. I have a calming lighthearted personality that helps people feel comfortable and relaxed
so we both can co-create the true heart and soul of the image.



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